As I was driving home from this session, I was thinking of line from a Haitian prayer that I was reading about the other day. God grant me many more mornings, so that I might grow old with the ones I love. I love families and the beauty of their love for each other. This family was so easy to connect with, their warmth so evident.

I was reflecting the other day on how I always think that things will slow down but they never really do. Life keeps moving and honestly, I don't think I'd know what to do if it really slowed down that much. However, it makes me appreciate the privilege of people setting aside a block of time so that I can spend it with them, helping to capture some of this season of their lives.

I met up with this family at Titlow Park in Tacoma. Truly, the more I explore this area, the more I love living in Washington. It is so beautiful. There was this gorgeous old wood building that we used in many images. Meet Chandra, David, Olivia and Caleb.

IMG 6665 copywat

I can tell you want a better look at those CUTE kids so here you go.....

IMG 6614 copy

Olivia's sparkly smile. Aren't their blue eyes incredible?

IMG 6668 copywat

And these were the parents that turned out such gorgeous kiddos. This was on the porch which was a little grungy, but they kindly sat right down for me. One of the nice things about a porch like this is the indirect light that we get...and of course that chippy wood behind them is so cool too.

IMG 6700 copywat

What kid in the world doesn't like to be swung around?

IMG 6708 copywat

What a beautiful child.... I think she looks like a little doll here. And she has such a sweet little spirit too.

IMG 6721 copywat

This park had it all: big fields, a park, a beach, rocks, a pond, a playground.

IMG 6755 copywat

I brought along my basket of fall goodies and we tucked in this cozy bear. This was round two. Round one resulted in some really cute bear-crying-in-the-pumpkins pictures. Chandra, thanks for being such a great sport and giving it another shot!

IMG 6629 copywat

Down at the water, Olivia observes her rock which she tossed into the water. Apparently, this is a pastime that could keep her busy for hours.

IMG 6844 copywat

We had to lure her away with the "high five game" which she did wonderfully too.

IMG 6864 copywat

And at the end, when we were winding down, I was running out of tricks to keep her engaged so I asked her what was in her tummy....and she tried to show me. Don't you love kids?

IMG 6824 copywat

Thanks, Chandra and David. Hope you enjoyed your peek....lots more to come.

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