Growing up, I remember hearing the phrase, "these kids are growing like weeds" all the time. Of course, I just attributed it to sentimental parents and relatives. Now that I am a parent myself, I am witnessing first hand how this is true. I have been unpacking boxes of hand me downs and exchanging Jasper's clothes to Tymen and making some lists of what I need to pick up. Ruby's jeans look alarmingly like capris, which we just can't get away with in January. Even more than the physical growth is the way that I see them learning and thinking. Tymen has eased out of the endearing stage of referring to himself as "me". "Me love you, Mumma." "Me didn't do it. Japper did." Now he says, "I love you."

I am thankful for our days but note that they go very, very quickly. Ruby and I were talking as she got ready for bed the other night and she said in an exasperated tone, "This day just started! How is is over already??" I know the feeling. In some of our talks about what this year will look like, Ben and I have decided to be more purposeful about setting up days to go out and hang together. There are always errands to run and jobs to do so we need to set these days in black, permanent sharpies on our calendar and then pencil in the errands around those days.

So this was sledding day. Some wonderful friends we invited along for the fun and it turned out that they saved our bacon. Last year when we went sledding, we were able to handle our brood pretty easily. We are two to four now so our friends, Kellie and Jonathan and Kimberlee, hauled our boys up the hills, put them on sleds and schlepped our stuff around. Kellie even brought hot chocolate for the end. And brownies. We are definitely inviting them again :) .

Here's sweet marshmallow Ariella with her auntie.

IMG 3560 copywat

IMG 3562 copywat

IMG 3570 copywat


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IMG 3586 copywat

Ben took this one. Theo was sound asleep in the sunshine.

IMG 3641 copywat

Last year the hill made him nervous. This year he yelled, " I am a brave boy!!!!!"

IMG 3662 copyw

After hauling him up the hill several times, Kimberlee gives Tymen a mighty push, to his great delight!

IMG 3668 copywat

IMG 3728 copywat

A little snow bunny catches a kiss or two from her daddy.

IMG 3682 copywat

IMG 3702 copywat

Jonathan got all of us in this one.

IMG 3686 copywat

Then I handed off the baby and Kellie took some pictures of me sledding with the kids which I love. Thanks, Kellie!

IMG 3754 copywat

Then Ruby and I turned over. While we were at the bottom of the hill, Jasper crashed into us. You can see Ruby and I saying, "Ohhhhh." Poor dude.

IMG 3764 copywat

This is my favorite of the day. My boy asking me for a hug. My boy who really does feel better when he gets a mommy kiss on his owies. I know at some point, it will not do the trick but I am thankful for these days when it does.

IMG 3769 copywat

I am keeping the sharpie available.