At the beginning of the month, Auntie Meghan created a super little advent calendar.  Each envelope is filled with activities, from Christmas book reading with cookies, to dates with mom or dad or Auntie, to snowflake making,  to a trip out to see the lights.  The kids are very focused each morning to see what’s happening.  We find that we are doing so many activities that involve quality time and we’re all loving it.

The plan on Saturday was for the family to head to Polar Bear Plaza to go ice skating.  I hadn’t been in 20+ years and Ruby had only been twice.  However, all those hours on their roller blades paid off!  These kids had more balance than I and I was glad for the welcome excuse to hold onto the bars with Theo so I didn’t land flat on my bum.  It wasn’t busy and our crazies owned the ice.

At the end, we took a stroll down the street for some treats at Hello, Cupcake! and then walked around by the glass museum. Good to be together and good to wear out these boys who need a lot of energy run out of them each day.

01-ice skate tacoma-502-2014.1203-ice skate tacoma-1004-2014.12106-2014.12207-performance-108-ice skate tacoma-1909-ice skate tacoma-2010-ice skate tacoma-2211-ice skate tacoma-2312-ice skate tacoma-2413-ice skate tacoma-3014-ice skate tacoma-3115-ice skate tacoma-3216-ice skate tacoma-3317-ice skate tacoma-3418-ice skate tacoma-3819-ice skate tacoma-3920-ice skate tacoma-4121-ice skate tacoma-4522-ice skate tacoma-4723-ice skate tacoma-4924-ice skate tacoma-5125-ice skate tacoma-52Halfway in, Theo pooped out and grabbed my legs.  He got to go to the outside and be a waver.26-2014.12327-ice skate tacoma-5728-ice skate tacoma-6229-ice skate tacoma-7030-ice skate tacoma-7231-ice skate tacoma-7332-ice skate tacoma-7433-2014.12434-ice skate tacoma-7735-ice skate tacoma-7936-ice skate tacoma-8637-ice skate tacoma-8838-ice skate tacoma-89