My sister in law has a beautiful picture of her family on facebook and one of her friends wrote, "In ten years you'll wish you could jump back in that picture and kiss all those faces." I love that. I believe that photography has so helped my heart to focus on the blessings in my life and not just drown in the laundry, endless sweeping of floors, picking up of toys and consequences for bad behavior. All those things are there every day but so are the eager faces, hugs, and pleasure over simple things like a family bikeride to the park.

Here are a few pictures from our bikeride to the school playground last week. They are a little heavy on pictures of Animal but he's just so irresistible to me in that hat with his chipmunky grin. (Hat made by my friend, Ashley, of The Sequin Turtle)

I know in ten years I'm going to see these and wish I could jump back in these pictures and kiss all those faces.

1-IMG 8494 copy


02-IMG 8506 copy


03-IMG 8509 copy


04-IMG 8522 copy


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