This summer we did several sets of swimming lessons and while the big kids paddled in the pool, Sarah's daughter, Sierra, handed Theo snacks pretty much the whole time. He was quite content with a pretty girl feeding him. We were glad it kept them busy and rescued more than one fishy cracker off the pool floor. At that time, Sarah told me that she was painting her bedroom in fall colors to match the fall pictures that she wanted to have taken of her family. We set the date, we waited through the gorgeous weeks of sunshine in September for the leaves to turn in October. And the rain began to fall and fall and fall. I told Sarah that I think I only had to reschedule one session due to rain last fall but we rescheduled her family three times. That's my record.

We were finally able to squeak in their family session and turned it into a mini session so it would work timewise and we were both elated to finally make it happen.

I just love this family. They are the real deal and the care and thoughtfulness that they put into their family is so evident in their precious girls. Their faith, solid hearts and friendship is something that we really value.

They are also super fun and we laughed an awful lot as we took their pictures...from Sierra striking a three year old pose with hands on hips to making Daddy kiss the mousie puppet (good sport, Shawn!) to get the girls to giggle.

01-IMG 5830 copy


02-IMG 5822 copy







03-IMG 5842 copy


04-IMG 5856 copy


05-IMG 5887 copy


06-IMG 5901 copy


Sarah and I were laughing away as Sierra beamed and worked it for the camera.

07-IMG 5914 copy


08-IMG 5927 copy


09-IMG 5944 copy


10-IMG 5962 copy


17-IMG 5976 copy


12-IMG 5982 copy

Sarah, I think you have a few to choose from :) . Thanks for working with me ....and our northwest weather.