My fall mini session day was great fun for me, several families I knew well and a couple new ones that I was so happy to meet. The day dawned a bit cool and foggy but with no rain in the forecast, I was one grateful girl. We plan on minis rain or shine but it's a whole lot easier when the rain stays away. The trees which were golden mid-October last year were still green as our fall has come a bit late but no complaining as the park was so lush. I had to dodge some serious fly fishermen at the park who were deeply into their class but other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing. Minis are such a great opportunity for families to get a good update and are super Christmas card opportunities. The time flies by and it's kind of a high for me to sail along from one family to the next.

The family that was up first is the family that first introduced me to Titlow Park. Four (almost five)-year-old Olivia was beaming and smiling from the time I met up with them and two-year-old Caleb was doing what two-year-olds and play. Their parents were great about keeping things happy and trying different things with me and in the end we got some super images of them all. And yes, we did get some shots of Caleb without having to completely tackle him :) .

IMG 3476 copy edited-1

IMG 3481 copy edited-1

IMG 3511 copy edited-1

IMG 3516 copyw

IMG 3522 copy edited-1

How do you get a 2-year-old busy boy to play along...just shake the sillies out of him!

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IMG 3574 copy edited-1

IMG 3584 copy edited-1

IMG 3595 copy edited-1

It was a job and a half and a laugh and a half to get everyone holding their letters the right direction.

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IMG 3618 copy edited-1

IMG 3640 copy edited-1

IMG 3654 copy edited-1

IMG 3497 copy

Chandra and David, lest we forget why you needed the triple grande cappuccinos after our session...I thought you might enjoy this last shot :) . Loved my time with your family!

IMG 3532 copy edited-1

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