Keri Welch was the winner of my little drawing for a free session way back at the end of June when we got my website up. I was most happy to meet up with her, her husband, and her two wonderful boys along Ruston Way in Tacoma. We had some beautiful sun peeking through the leaves on the trees and sending her boys crunching through the leaves made me happy.... happy that I live in a place where there are parks and colors like these on trees along the water. Yeah, yeah, we get rain in Seattle but is it ever gorgeous because of it!

I so enjoyed this session largely due to their family dynamic. The boys were fun and enthusiastic. Their little guy, Kaleb, was just doing a walking running thing in every direction, and every once in a while, his dad or mom would grab him before he ran off a bridge or onto the road or into the water. Lukas was really interactive and just took the mention of their upcoming trip to Disneyland to put a grin on his face. I loved, loved how Keri and Mike were with their kids. They are so warm and I really appreciated their approach to the session. They just played with the kids and had fun and it gave me all kinds of opportunities to just follow along and capture the interactions and relationships. Especially at this age, it captures so much more than super posed setups.

When I have my dad take pictures of our family, I tend to be controlling and the one in the pictures with a bossy look on her face and mouth open, as I tell everyone what to do. I could learn a lot from these two parents because we got a lot of fun images out of this session because of the generous approach that they took. So here are a few favorites...

The leaves! What a happy three year old messing around in the crunchy leaves. Kaleb wasn't too sure about them and preferred solid cement.

IMG 8119 copywat

Kaleb was also quite happy to be loved up by his mama. I think moms are so beautiful....and this mommy is expecting number three...what a happy crowd they will have!

IMG 8127 copywat

There was this couple enjoying their time alone on the bridge but alas, the lighting was just perfect there, so I trooped everyone over anyways. I am glad I did, even though we interrupted their kissing time and they left to seek another romantic spot that was quieter.

IMG 8177 copywat

So right after the family shot, I was trying to get some couple pictures of Mike and Keri, and little Kaleb was trying to wedge himself through the bars into the water, perhaps to see if his mom or dad might jump in to get him? You can tell Keri is laughing in this one, and hoping I will get done before he really figures out a way to get through.

IMG 8202 copywat

Daddy and Lukas. It was fun to see Mike with the happy to wrestle around with them.

IMG 8196 copywat

What's IN the octopus? A shark?

IMG 8244 copywat

It's a good thing I had to use my hands to take the pictures, or else I would have been wanting to rub this sweet head of curls!

IMG 8230 copywat

Little boy...big trees.

IMG 8287 copywat

And then, when the boys were fading after about an hour, I bring out the big incentive....lollipops....I might be winning some new friends with this treat! I have been stocking up at Walgreens.

IMG 8323 copywat

Keri, I am so glad you won this little session. I LOVED my time with your family and I have so appreciated all your warmth and encouragement as I have started this business. Your boys are wonderful....

IMG 8344 copywat