I think this was the fifth session we’ve done and every year I look forward to seeing these precious girls and chatting and catching up.  Right from the get go, their mom has been all about letting the girls play and capturing their personalities as we go along.  Lucy and Olivia each are their own little selves, but they gravitate towards each other repeatedly every time we are together.  Twins are so amazing and the bond that they share is very sweet.  I also love capturing their mom, Sally, with the two of them and each of them.  She’s a ball and I have to say, had more faith for our weekend session than I did.  I was working on some Plan B ideas as I watched the foreboding weather reports but she was pretty confident that we’d have clear skies and fall colour and I am happy to say, she was right!  The light was changing every few minutes and the colours were bright in the park. We laughed, talked, climbed, threw leaves, got wet and yours truly even crawled through a field of geese to get the last jumping and silhouette shots.  Happy.