There's just nothing more beautiful to me than people who are in love. These ladies are so in love with baby Evie Belle, they melt like butter in the sunshine whenever she's around. Evie has a daddy who is crazy about her but this session was all about the girls: Evie Belle, her mommy, April, and grandmothers from both sides, Candace and Laurie. How fun it was to do a generations photo shoot. I felt like I was caught in the overflow of the adoration all of these ladies have for this precious six-month-old girl.

Evie was all dolled up in a tutu that Grandma Laurie had bought from Zulily. Both grandmothers confessed a terrible weakness for all the girlie goodies there. April just smiled at the indulgent grandmothers who take turns loving on Evie every other week...such a treat.

Someone looks like her mama.

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Seriously, this was like we were all playing dolls. How CUTE is she!!

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Eeeek! So cute!

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They fed my love for pudgy legs and peeled her skirt off for a shot of those thighs!

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The delight April has in her precious girl is so beautiful. Evie knows it.

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Grandma Candace with her sunshine.

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LOVE the sympathy face on Grandma Laurie.

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Just a word about clothes. I LOVE how their outfits all work together. They chose colors that all work together well but they have different textures and styles that suit each of them. It looks cohesive but not matchy-matchy.

How nice that we found a door that fit so well too :) .

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Too cute!!

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She really is one happy bug!

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Evie goes after her mommy for a big smacker. LOVE baby kisses.

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This might be one of my very favorites. The grandmas team up to cuddle and kiss feet. How fun will this be for Evie to see when she's older.

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My heart was full through our time together and I drove away wishing that every baby was as cherished as this sweet girl is by her family. It's a beautiful example of the huge, deep love that God has for each of His children.

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