She said she had a dream, a dream of her whole family smiling in front of the Disney castle at Disneyland. They went, they stood, she smiled, and when she excitedly opened the picture she ordered....she discovered that though she was smiling happily, her boys had made goofy faces. Erg. So before this session she threatened, pleaded and bribed :) . Actually, her boys were just wonderful. Kati is an old friend from Bible school and I hadn't seen her in...about 16 years? I tell you, these mini sessions in Texas were so fun for me to reconnect. Kati was the same girl I remembered: warm, kind, fun, and engaging. It was great to meet her husband, John, whom she speaks so highly of, and her awesome boys. When I had done the shoutout about coming down and doing photo sessions, Kati had said that she wanted some portraits of her boys as they are growing to be young men. During my time with them, I was struck by the connections between all of them. There's so much warmth and affection which is so encouraging to me as I watch my sons grow. I want them to have the same kind of strong hearts.

IMG 1332 copyw


IMG 1324 copy edited-1

Luke, Matthew, Mark.

IMG 1345 copy edited-1

Personality! When I told her I wanted one of just her, Kati swung around with this look. Funny girl.

IMG 1360 copy edited-1


IMG 1366 copy edited-1


I told them I wanted a "tough guy" look and even then, there was smiling.

IMG 1422 copy edited-1

They are wonderful together, so in love and so fun. What an amazing example for their sons.

IMG 1441 copy


IMG 1428 copy edited-1

We did individuals of each boy with each parent. This one makes me laugh...what a tease she is.

IMG 1459 copyw

IMG 1452 copy edited-1

Okay, so everything is bigger in Texas, right? Well, Mark, who is now 10, holds the honor of being the biggest baby born on record in Texas at a whopping 16 lbs 12 oz. Hello!!! I knew Kati's midwife and was at church when she came in waving a picture of Mark on the scale. Wow! At the time, I was impressed but then when I had my own kids, I was stunned at the thought of a baby who was more than ten pounds more than my six and a half pounders. My hat is off to you, Kati! She said her dad is 6 ft. 8 inches so we have some genetics going on here.

IMG 1445 copy edited-1

Hello? Mom and dad, not in public.... :).

IMG 1492 copy edited-1]

Messing around, there was a lot of it going on as we walked around.

IMG 1508 copy edited-1

IMG 1513 copy edited-1

This so makes me laugh. The life of brothers.

IMG 1546 copy edited-1

IMG 1564 copy edited-1

IMG 1581 copy edited-1

Love this one.

IMG 1586 copy edited-1

If you peek in the window, Kati and John's reflections are there.

IMG 1613 copy edited-1

IMG 1615 copy edited-1

IMG 1629 copyw

IMG 1634 copy edited-1

I'm convinced that the love this family has for each other is Texas sized too :) . Kati and John, thank you for the opportunity of capturing this time with your amazing family.