It was such a treat to meet up with these friends for some family pictures last week.  The whole family was in town to celebrate both of the daughters’ birthdays and in fact, we did our pictures on Amie’s birthday….so fun!  They are wonderful and funny and easy to photograph as they are happy to play around and tease each other. I hope they had as good a time as I did, as I’ve been grinning away as I’ve edited their gallery.  Jeff and Shannon, thank you for having me photograph your dearest ones!

1-Sharon-102-Sharon-303-Sharon-504-Sharon-705-Sharon-1006-Sharon-1207-Sharon-14He can always make her laugh.08-Sharon-1709-Sharon-1810-Sharon-1511-Sharon-2012-Sharon-2113-Sharon-2314-Sharon-2515-Sharon-2716-Sharon-2817-Sharon-2918-Sharon-3119-Sharon-3520-Sharon-3621-Sharon-3922-Sharon-4123-Sharon-4224-Sharon-4325-Sharon-4426-Sharon-4527-Sharon-4728-Sharon-5029-Sharon-5130-Sharon-5431-Sharon-56

We did some fun pictures of each grandchild with the grandparents too.  32-Sharon-5733-Sharon-5934-Sharon-6235-Sharon-6436-Sharon-6637-Sharon-6738-Sharon-6939-Sharon-7240-Sharon-7741-Sharon-7842-Sharon-7943-Sharon-8344-Sharon-8745-Sharon-9346-Sharon-9447-Sharon-9848-Sharon-10249-Sharon-10450-Sharon-95