This was my sixth time to photograph this family since  Ellie was a little bun in the oven and now she's about to embark on the Terrific Two's (doesn't that sound so much better than the alternative?). I always look forward to them as they are one of the kindest and most easygoing families you could imagine. Another thing that I love about our time together as they just play along with their girl and get the most fun expressions out of her. Two-year-olds can be tricky and parents know what makes their little people become animated and who they really are. When we first met up, Ellie was looking at me like a bug crawling across the floor...very warily. So we walked around to the playground and the ducks, her parents kept it happy, and soon she opened right up.

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Her mom and I were loving the pink little sandals....but she was not loving the fashion statement at all. She did not want to walk on the grass and pretty much had her daddy carry her around.

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Good thing she has a dad to toss her around and make her forget her footwear woes.

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A kissy sandwich.

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Before we headed to the beach, dad changed her into her little runners and she was ready to hit the pavement now that her little dogs were happy. March, march. When she walked by herself, she looked around and swung her arms. Her mom commented that she looked like she owned the place.

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Now apparently, Ellie is a big fan of rocks, but this whole throwing rocks was a whole new concept to her and she was really digging it. Mom and Dad may not be thanking me later for this idea.

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She was so tickled with herself.

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She'd give herself a mighty clap when she felt she'd done a great one.

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So happy to be together. Those little dimply hands are getting bigger and bigger. What a pleasure it's been to document this little girl's growth.

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