This was my fourth session with Ellie and her family this year. The first she was in her mama's tummy. Then we did newborn portraits as well as portraits at FOUR MONTHS. The size of her cheeks then had me looking forward to a little squeeze this time, and I was not disappointed. Her cheeks (and thighs) are bigger than ever and she is the loveliest little girl. IMG 5483 copy edited-1

I love how comfortable her parents are with her and how they obviously adore her. They know her routines and she seems quite content to be loved, loved, loved.

IMG 5500 copy edited-1

IMG 5514 copy edited-1

Ellie was wearing a sweet outfit that her visiting grandmother and aunt had purchased for her in Japan. They both had shopped on their own and bought the exact same one. So now she has two. Good taste, yes?

IMG 5525 copy edited-1

Here's Ellie with her parents, grandparents, and great aunt. Plenty of love and attention

IMG 5563 copywat

We walked around the gardens and this sweet bean was easygoing but looked at me very, very seriously.

IMG 5497 copy edited-1

That is, until her daddy started tossing her around and playing with her and suddenly those chubby cheeks lifted in a happy grin.

IMG 5583 copywat

IMG 5587 copy edited-1

IMG 5544 copywat

IMG 5598 copy edited-1

IMG 5649 copywat

Then I had her parents put her on the grass in between them and she wasn't digging it...but looked terribly cute as she made the first tiny fuss of the day.

IMG 5647 copywat

IMG 5539 copy edited-1

I wanted to do a few more shots of her face but she moved her eyebrow suspiciously at the crazy lady with the puppet.

IMG 5677 copy edited-1

Her dad had a great idea and put her blanket in front of her face to play peek-a-boo and got the BEST smiles out of her. Great job, Moni!

IMG 5701 copy edited-1

That face makes me happy. Thanks for having me photograph your beautiful family again, Sharleen and Moni!