There's something really wonderful about getting to do a session with some of the littles that I have photographed as newborns. I enjoy chatting with their parents about how they are growing, what they are learning to do, how their families are changing. I also love, love, love to see the relationship growing with their parents. Sweet Ellie is one of "my babies" that I got to anticipate when her mom was pregnant with her and then this is the fourth session we have had since she was born. She is still the same little lovebug that I met as a newborn. You can see their last session here.

Her parents are absolutely delighted with her...and she knows it :) . I loved catching their interactions with her and the pleasure that they all have being together. What an amazing gift it will be to her to see how she was always so treasured.

A while back I was reading an interview with one of my favorite photographers. She was asked what images people respond to the most, and she replied, "The emotional ones." I so agree because those are the ones that I always gravitate towards also.

The emotion in this beautiful family captures me.

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Here she is with her daddy. They have something special going on. When she hears "Daddy" she give him a big pat. They were high fiving, she would run to him, and give great big belly laughs when he would tickle her and eat her tummy.

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Loved how she would rub her face on her mommy's.

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The soft hair, the sweet lips, those big eyes, the cheeks. Yummy.

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Waving and clapping are her new tricks right now. She was pretty pleased with herself.

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Then Moni bounced his girl around and we got the BEST little giggles and great smiles from her. Oh my.

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Then this little love was all tuckered out. A tiny girl can only laugh so much. Time for a nap.

Sharleen and Moni, thank you allowing me this opportunity to spend time with your family again :) .

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