With the crazy rain showers this week, I have had to postpone some family outdoor sessions that were planned...always a little disappointing, but we will find some good weather here someday soon.

Newborn sessions, however, are just fine even with cloudy and rainy days. We just prop up these little peanuts right by the best window light and they are snug and captive subjects.

Today I got to meet another little bun out of the oven...little Ellie. This princess was quite a lady. She looks so girly and petite. She has a ravenous appetite but I had to laugh when her daddy burped her and the tiniest little blip came out. I had to ask, "Was that a burp?"

We would get a picture or two out of her and then she would want to eat some more so mom and dad cuddled and fed and burped her, and went through a few outfit changes with all of her meal that she gave back to them. How much more laundry does a little baby create!

Such a sweet pumpkin in with all the gourds and squashes I picked up from Carpinito Brothers'....I so love going to that place in the fall!

IMG 6047 copywat

Sharleen said that everywhere they go, people are commenting on that head of hair...it's quite something!

IMG 6021 copywat

Feet. Look at them...they are almost clapping...such flexible little newborn feet. If you have check out my blog and website for two minutes, you know I have something for little people feet.

IMG 6005 copywat

Again, that newborn tendency to curl up is so characteristic of the first days. She is such a little lady.

IMG 6125 copywat

When her mommy popped this binky in her mouth, I just LOVED it! Have you ever seen a cuter binky???

IMG 6037 copywat

The pod. I will just confess right now that I have a tendency to overdo my favorite things. I have a feeling that this pod is going to be around a lot because it is just so CUTE to see those little people cuddled up in there!

IMG 6002 copysepwat

So wanted.

IMG 6086 copywat

And one more....I love to see dads that are investing in their children, cherishing hearts.

IMG 6109 copywat

Sharleen and Moni, thank you for having me over to meet your love bug!