Oh, how happy I was to visit this sweet darling and her family again. I had the privilege of taking maternity photos for Sharleen and Moni at the end of last summer and then when their little love bug arrived I was able to delight in all her newborn sweetness. Well, she is almost four months now and weighing in at over sixteen pounds. I didn't need to wonder if her parents were feeding her.

Could she have chubbier cheeks?

IMG 5771 copywat

Seeing her yesterday reminded me of how much things change in such a short time with babies. I know it, but it always surprises me just a little. Her mom and dad had gathered some goodies that she is using right now and I was so glad.

Here she is in her exer-saucer. Her hair looks wilder than she was in there. She was pretty happy to look around at all the toys and chew on the occasional offering.

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She's very strong, this little girl. She was rocking tummy time and looked at her own face in her mirror.

IMG 5820 copywat

Sitting in her little chair. Honestly, when I got a real look at her thighs later on, I wondered how she squeezed in there.

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Love the little string of drool running down her chin. It's so baby. She had pretty much this same expression the whole time. Mom and Dad say she only doles out smiles occasionally and with cheeks that big it must be a lot of work.

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Here she is with her daddy who is clearly smitten with her. I was reading somewhere that no-one regrets having too many pictures of themselves with their parents, but I know there can be regrets at not having many. Each image is a treasure.

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I love the little tongue hanging out here...like she is just passing the time while she gets smooched up. What a dollbaby.

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Mom's face in the background. I don't know how many times since I have become a mother, that I have watched my husband loving our kids, and it truly fills a place inside of me.

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At one point, I lifted little Ellie and she felt like a brick. I must have gasped for 20 seconds when they let me peel her clothes off and I could see the rolls that were causing that weight.

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I have to admit. I was a little jealous that they get to squeeze this chunky girl every day.

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Back at Sharleen's maternity session, I had asked them to bring along any items that had significance. They brought this toy. We used it in her newborn session and she was almost the same size as the stuffed dog.

IMG 6134 copy

Look at her now. That's amazing.

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IMG 5948 copywat

I have so enjoyed documenting this family. One day, Ellie will see these photos and will know she was so loved right from the beginning. That makes me happy.

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