When I saw her arrive at church with her parents in this little dress and hat...I gasped...and knew I had to beg her mom, my friend, Jessie, to bring her over so I could take pictures of her in this darling ensemble. This is little Elli, who is all over my newborn gallery, and whose shocked face is on my rates page of my website. When I started editing these pictures, it just reminded me of how fast little people grow, and how important it is to capture images of this time. It's such a pleasure to see them grow and learn and have blossoming personalities.

IMG 7598 copywat

She is as sweet natured as she is adorable...which says a great deal about her character.

IMG 7575 copywat

IMG 7579 copywat

Somebody has her mommy's big eyes.

IMG 7587 copywat

Little hands that pick up anything off the floor and pop it into her cute little mouth. Her mom found her gnawing on some tile grout the other day.

IMG 7612 copywat

IMG 7603 copywat

And this is Noah, Elli's older brother, who is very close in age to Jasper. As they have traveled through the two's Jessie and I have compared notes at times on the challenges, and a time or two, considered putting our boys in a padded room together:). Thankfully, we are seeing their great personalities shining away as we head towards the 3's.

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IMG 7687 copywat

My assistant, Ruby, was making Noah laugh and giggle here.

IMG 7690 copywat

What a great little guy!

IMG 7692 copywat

Here is Elli with her mom. She loves that mom of hers...for good reason!

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This picture is with Grandma Karen, who was the knitter of the dress and is the adorer of her grandchildren. She actually reminds me of my mum, with her fervent belief that nothing compares to the grandkids.

IMG 7636 copybwwat

You have good reason to be proud, Karen!

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IMG 7660 copywat

Jessie, thanks for coming over and letting me play with your beautiful children!