Photographing newborn Ella was like when I used to play with dolls when I was little. WHAT a dolly this one is, and after my recent explanation of how newborn sessions are almost always a bit of work with some fussing, feeding, and rocking, she proved me completely wrong. She had a full belly and her parents cranked up the heat so she slept no matter what we did, maybe cracking an eye once at me.

Before I hopped in the car to go over, I thought of snipping some of my pink hydrangea bush. They were soaking wet so I laid them on my car mat and blew air on them the whole way over to dry them out. When I saw that she was already wearing a matching outfit, I was glad I brought them.

Could she be any more girly?

IMG 1098 copy edited-1

IMG 1119 copy edited-1

Pretty hands, such a love this one is!

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I am always a little envious of moms with chubby babies.

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Can't you just imagine how she was all tucked up in her mama's tummy?

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Ella kept grinning during this session while she slept and I kept missing it. Finally I got one! I love this one...looks like she is waving her hand and chuckling at making me work so hard to get that smile.

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Sarah is absolutely gorgeous as she delights in her sweet girl.

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Frederick is also completely in love with their treasure.

IMG 1254 copwaty

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Older sister, Charise, was lighting up the whole room with her beaming little face. She is just ecstatic to be with her sister and has been holding and kissing her for hours.

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Big brother, Josiah, is pretty thrilled about Ella too but was too engrossed in his trains for pictures, until his mama lured him over with m &m's. Then he looked a little disappointed when pictures and the chocolate supply were over.

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It's a sweet, sweet thing to be so welcomed!

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