I have to admit, I've been getting a bit itchy to get photographing again. It was great to have a quiet January to work on my website and several other projects around the house but I'm getting ready to roll.

I did this session last week to celebrate sweet Elijah turning one! I have a fun little crop of babies turning one during this season with two more one-year-old sessions coming up this next month. There is no other year of change like the first year and I am so thrilled when families opt to capture that with the Baby's First Year Plan.

I was very excited about this session as Ashley told me that they wanted to do Elijah's first year pictures in a traditional Korean hanbok. She and James had theirs from their wedding and their little man was looking very colorful too.

I have to confess, I feel this little sense of pride watching my babies grow up and I look so forward to their updates. Little Elijah has such an amazing, easygoing personality and is a happy guy. Every time anyone looks at him, he grins and he is using his new trick of waving cheerfully. Part of what I love about these updates is including the whole family and seeing how delighted they are with their little people. The way James and Ashley just light up around their boy gives me such pleasure and I know that as he gets older and sees the looks on their faces with him, he will know how very much he is loved.

That's why documenting families together is so important to me.

IMG 6095 copy edited-1


IMG 6150 copyw


IMG 6128 copyw


IMG 6165 copyw

He was such a champ about keeping on his cap but he was trying to munch on the strips of fabric that come down the sides and then he giggled like crazy when his mom tried to take them away.

IMG 6185 copy edited-1

IMG 6173 copy edited-1

IMG 6201 copyw edited-1

LOVE the sweet look on his face as he cozies up to his mom.

IMG 6253 copy edited-1

IMG 6285 copyw

IMG 6290 copy edited-1

I laughed and laughed when I saw this. Even when the wind got a little nippy, he was still trying to be a good sport and waving at me.

IMG 6309 copy edited-1

IMG 6315 copy edited-1

IMG 6324 copy edited-1

IMG 6343 copy

IMG 6402 copy edited-1

He was just starting to run out of steam at the end but we got a few more family shots and then let him dive into a birthday cupcake.

IMG 6423 copy edited-1

IMG 6428 copy edited-1

IMG 6467 copy edited-1

This was the only time he wasn't really smiling, just looking so intent on downing some of the messy stuff we put in his hands.

IMG 6525 copy edited-1

IMG 6571 copy edited-1

IMG 6594 copy edited-1

IMG 6378 copy edited-1

Happy birthday, sweetheart! James and Ashley, thank you for the blessing of photographing your sweet boy this year.