What a difference six months can make! Here is Elijah the tiny newborn nugget here.

Here is Elijah, the bug hunk of chubby six-month-old love here. His mommy had him all decked out in great fall colors for a little update. I just had to squeeze that fat thigh in his orange pants as we got going. I could not help myself :) .

Elijah is such an easy going little man, grinning at whoever gave him a little bit of attention.

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Even when I tentatively put him on the dewy grass, he just wiggled a bit and was his cheerful little self.

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His mommy is so talented. She made this gorgeous quilt and crochets the loveliest goodies. At baby showers, she hands over boxes of amazing homemade goodness. We all squeal and she shrugs like it's not a big deal. Did you see the cookie monster hat and turtle shell on baby Isaiah recently? That's her. She's kindly working on a project for me that I am SOOOOOOoooooOOOOO excited about! It has to do with...shhhhh....hats for my kids and when she sent a picture of the preview last night, I wrote her back and told her that I may just rubber cement them on my kids' heads so they will wear them every single day.

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Sweet boy.

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