I am very, very aware of the blessing that I live in. Though my life is by no means perfect, I know that I have the life that I was always hoping for from the time I was a little girl. I have four beautiful children and a husband whose love and commitment to me is something that I value deeply. We have family that love us and friends that we are incredibly grateful for and a church in which we are growing.

In a culture and time when it seems like many people are trying to find peace and fulfillment through a myriad of ways, I am becoming more and more convinced that God's ways are the best ways. His protective boundaries, His incredible love, His guiding hand, His forgiveness, His Word. In His ways I have found life and exceedingly abundantly more than I could ever hope or desire (Ephesians 3:20).

A big part of the blessing that I know in my marriage is because God put me together with Ben, which I know beyond a doubt. And eleven years later, we are still walking in blessing because we are continuing to choose each other and His ways.

A couple weeks ago, we were in a busy set of days. I was cranky and tired and feeling overwhelmed and I got snappy with Ben about a crummy little nothing issue. He was tired and cranky too and both of us left to get other stuff done, not happy because we both detest feeling like that with each other. He came to me very soon afterward with a humble heart, wanting to reconcile and serve me...and I was overwhelmed again with God's grace.

I am so glad that God put us together eleven years ago. I am glad that He keeps drawing our hearts together each day.

I love you, Ben. Happy anniversary.

Photos by Wildflowers Photography taken on our tenth anniversary.

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