Eighteen weeks and five days as of today....but who's counting? I am happy to be basically halfway as my longest pregnancy was 38 weeks on the nose. Despite some of the discomforts and challenges of being pregnant, I sure am enjoying this little person bumping around constantly.

Also, I love seeing how excited my kids are about this baby. They are pretty ecstatic. Ruby tells me every day, "Mum, you are getting really, REALLY big!!!" Jasper says,"I can't wait to get my hands on our baby." Tymen wallops my tummy enthusiastically and says, "Baby!!! Wah!!! Awwww!!"

We're all pretty thrilled that next week we get to see the ultrasound of our baby growing and take a little peek at the gender, hopefully. I will be sure to shout the news out when we hear.

For now we know that our baby at 18 weeks is about the size of a pepper, according to the Baby Center email update of the week. Keep growing, Baby! We can't wait to meet you.

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