Strange, isn't it, how some things seem like they happened forever and ever ago and yet, you still remember the details.

Today Ben and I celebrate being married for eight years. In some ways, I feel like I have known him my whole life and loved him forever. But then I remember dashing out to the parking lot when I saw him arrive at the church and throwing myself at him with a happy shriek, causing his buddies/ groomsmen to laugh.

Some of your know the story but Ben and I met at a conference and always lived long distance until we got married. We counted up the days we were ever in the same place and it was only 32 days before our wedding day. There was so much I did know about him from hours and hours on the phone. However, there was much I didn't know. I am so thankful that God knew both of us completely and fit us so well together.

I remember thinking, before I met him, that it seemed like there was this specific mold in my heart for my husband. There were a few others along the way, that were amazing people but didn't quite fit that Ben-shaped spot. And then I had him. And he fit. And I will always be amazed at how completely he does.

I remember talking with my Pastor Eric before I met Ben and he said that when God puts people together, both the husband and wife feel like they are marrying up. And I know that is true from my side. Without a doubt.

IMG 7449 copy

IMG 7451 copy

He listens to my heart and gets me. He teases me and pokes at me when I need to loosen up. He always prefers to spend money and time on things that will bless me. He loves our kids overwhelmingly and when I hear him kindly explaining something or wrestling with them my heart is happy. He loves the Lord. He cares for people. He is a great friend.

He tells me I am perfect. I know that is far from the truth. However, I know what he really means is that I am perfect for him and he is perfect for me.

IMG 7425 copy

(In this photo the cause of Ben's mirth is not remembrances of our wonderful times together. Rather, this is when we were at the other end of this cool wall and I stepped in yuchy throw-up. No sympathy there.)

I love you anyway, Baby. Happy anniversary!