The smart mummy of these six kids had a brilliant idea....white tictacs. Small enough to not sugar out her littles....white enough to not stain white shirts....powerful enough to act as an incentive for little boys. I had some tricks in my bag but hardly needed anything to get grins out of this crowd. I was so thrilled to meet up with Christy and her beautiful family and saw immediately how they had all grown from LAST YEAR. Her little guy's bellies, the ones covered with chocolate ice cream, are rotating on my blog banner. I am pleased to report that those bellies are still nice and chunky.

We started out at the front of their home, which had a lovely pocket of light that evening.

They are such a beautiful family.

IMG 7845 copy edited-1

And they are happy.

IMG 7853 copybw edited-1

IMG 7891 copy edited-1

Their four boys are wonderful and looked smashing in their caps :).

IMG 7904 copy edited-1

These shiny sisters are just gorgeous with beautiful hearts as well.

IMG 7909 copy edited-1

We compared notes on the drive over to the beach which is a few minutes away from their house and Christy and I heartily agreed on the chaos that little boys can create. My sister was driving along with us, and asked a few times, "That's boys, right? I shouldn't have that kind of craziness from a girl, right? RIGHT?"

It is obvious that this mummy has a huge place in her heart for her children, boys and girls. She really wanted a lot of pictures that night of all of them together so that's what we concentrated on. I think a lot of families have pictures of bits and pieces of the family and then it is so nice to have some good, family shots too. It seems especially that the moms are behind the camera and need to get in front of it also.

IMG 7917 copy edited-1

IMG 7930 copy edited-1

Often when I shoot families with growing kids, I try to get some shots that show the different sizes that everyone is at. Little feet, big feet, chunky feet, sandal tan feet.

IMG 7959 copywat

I am so proud of my friend, who is such a good mummy to her littles. I know she feels often caught up in the fray of life but truly, each of these children is absolutely wonderful. She and Mike are doing a whole lot right.

IMG 7972 copy edited-1

She has categorized the kids into two groups...

The Littles:

Bennett, and twins, Olliver and Miller.

IMG 7993 copy edited-1

And the Bigs:

Elly, Kadden and Brielle ( I love, love all of their names!)

IMG 7980 copy edited-1

And they each have their own personalities. Here is Olliver, slightly panicked because he feels like he might be left out of the tictac rotation.

IMG 7931 copywat

IMG 8027 copy edited-1

They have the most wonderful grins, which their mummy was able to get shining.

IMG 8030 copywat

And Miller wanted me to know that he also had a belly button.

IMG 8014 copy edited-1

Sweet times with this family of eight.

IMG 8133 copy edited-1