This family is near and dear to my heart. Christy is my sister's best friend and I have known her for years. She was over at our house a lot.It was at her wedding that I was prodded into standing to catch the bouquet with all the other single gals, one of my least favorite activities, and she waved it at me and said,"This is coming to you, you are next!" I rolled my eyes and yes, she tossed it and it bounced off my head, into the hands of some ecstatic little girl. Sure enough, I was engaged months later.

Since then, she and her husband have grown a tribe of kids...six treasures, and I was delighted to come and hang around the house to capture some images of their kids ages 12, 7, 4, 2 and twins 1 and a half. They are some busy, busy parents and their home is filled with light and love and lots of laughing. It was a workout and I give a huge shout out to my dear husband who kept things moving so that we could get some images that reflect the happy, messy, sweet, funny, wonderful crowd that they are.

Enjoy, Christy! Lots of black and whites for you, my black and white friend.

This was one of my favorites, as she had me come to see Miller and Olliver as they were waking up. Those toes and sweet feet poking out! Every mum loves to see their child happily sleeping, such a nourishing thing!

IMG 6283 copy

Those thighs!!!! Those thighs!!!! Those thighs!!!!

IMG 6293 copy

I love this mummy shot, loving her son. She is such a nurturer.

IMG 6312 copy

Here are the twins, with their older brother, who is lovingly referred to as "the triplet". Christy said that the twins each weigh more than him.

IMG 6500 copy

We went a little heavy on pictures of the twins, because they will soon be celebrating their "One-And-A-Half" party....and the family is celebrating that they have all made it through intact. Love how the scale has gone all the way around with that chubby little person on it.

IMG 6443 copy

We did portraits of all the kids but I really loved this one of sweet Brielle. She is so beautiful with such a shiny heart too.

IMG 6422 copy

Now for some fun group how mum and dad are keeping their sense of humor in the middle of it all!

IMG 6625 copy

Had to do this one in color.

IMG 6645 copy

We weren't looking for "the perfect shot" as much as we were, a good reflection of what life can be like. Look at that big sister keeping it together with everyone else sliding downhill. I so laughed at the twins' panicked expressions.

IMG 6733 copy

One to six all in a row..number six is hiding out.

IMG 6747 copy

We ended off with ice cream and had a lovely messy time.

IMG 6824 copy

As Ben and I drove away, completely exhausted, we talked about how much they were doing right and how each child is just a great kid. It is such a blessing to be in a home where love is.