Easter is one of my very favorite holidays.

This year at church on Easter morning, the atmosphere was so powerful and expectant and it washed over my heart once again, how grateful I am for the gift of God's grace through Jesus. The hope that I have in Him is something that this world can't offer. At one point during the singing, there were people who came out with testimonies of what God had done in their lives. On one side the brokeness, on the other, the redemption. I so appreciated their courage and just wept (as many others did) at the beauty in their lives. Miscarriages and death- Hope of heaven. Chronic pain- Healed. Eating disorder- Set free. Teen pregnancy-Happily married 19 years. Abortion and shame- Raising and fostering five blessings. Convicted and sentenced to prison- Unshackled in every way. Had an affair and left my wife- Returned and remarried. Depression- Freedom. Many of the people were friends of ours and seeing them standing in grace was so amazing. It also gave a huge sense of hope that the Lord Jesus can heal, redeem, and restore even when we can't even have hope in our brokeness.

Then our wonderful time with my family visiting and enjoying each other for the weekend was the icing on the cake! As soon as Kelly, Dano and the girls arrived, I put on Liv's new hairbow (that my friend, Angela, made...etsy store soon to come!) and put her ever sweet self in the yard for a few pictures. She is the most mellow and easygoing baby.

1-IMG 9950 copy

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The next morning after a late night of hanging out we went to our neighbourhood Easter egg hunt which is always so well attended. The little guys didn't get it when it was over in about 30 seconds.


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We strategized with Tymen this year as last year he just got one egg. This time he was on it.


We went home to decorate some eggs. Theo gleefully smashed his together and then had Daddy as his partner.

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10-IMG 0326 copy


11-IMG 0362 copy


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After naps that afternoon we dressed up the kids in their Easter duds to get some pictures. Let's just say it was craziness, pure chaos, but as always it was worth the hairy moments for the favorites we got. (My friend, Angela, also made those nifty chevron ties for the boys...etsy shop soon...she promises!).

16-IMG 0654 copy1


17-IMG 0748 copy

Quinn wasn't too keen on her mummy being silly and I love the look Theo and Ruby are giving each other here.

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Then after Sunday Easter service we trooped off to the park for some family shots and a family egg hunt that lasted a good while longer.

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If I could just bottle that laugh.

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Easter dinner: ham, roasted carrots, salad with grapes and raspberry vinaigrette, cheese bread, scalloped potatoes.

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47-IMG 1534 copy

I was terribly proud of my bunny pie (bunny on the outside, not the inside).

25-IMG 1197 copy

I so love this one. My sister, beautiful as she is, will always be a bit crazy and can always make me laugh. I am so very grateful for my family and the times that we have together. At the end we were tired, sugared and there was stuff everywhere but I love it all. I'm so blessed by them.

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