I used to have time to think things through more than I do now. I'd page through Martha Stewart Living and get ideas for centerpieces and appetizers. I'd begin buying things for Easter baskets months ahead of time. I'd get myself something new and springy to wear. Frankly those days feel long past and most of the time, I find myself flying around trying to piece things together. What gets done, gets done, and what doesn't I let go of and hug my kiddos harder. There's lots of grace to be had and that's especially what I want to remember and model to my kiddos.

This year I did manage to order the boys their bowties on etsy a couple months ago, but I didn't plan an elaborate meal (though steak and mushrooms went down mighty easily), and I ended up getting ready for Easter services with the kids all dressed up and having no idea of what I was going to wear. It's all good :).

What was really good were the bouquets that my boys picked for me in the parking lot when we went to take pictures at Dash Point, before Easter services at church Saturday night. I love that they offer me their sweet collections and are so proud of themselves.

IMG 6967 copy edited-1

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We took a little walk on the bridge and the little man wasn't too pleased by it at first. It's been really fun for us to watch how the big kids just adore him. They giggle at his quirks and enjoy his happy personality.

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IMG 6993 copy111


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This is a hard age to photograph Theo. He wants to be running and playing and not interacting with his crazy mum and her camera. Sometimes I get nothing great but when I keep on playing, I get pure heaven from his expressions.

IMG 7089 copy edited-1

Yes, I shrieked when he did this. Yayyyyy. Pure luck sometimes!

IMG 7093 copy11


IMG 7096 copy edited-1

My precious girl.

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IMG 7158 copy11

I have to admit, it did feel really strange to go to Easter service on Saturday night to help make room for visitors on Sunday morning. We are usually running out the door, shouting for kids to get shoes and wiping egg off faces. On this  Easter Sunday morning, we had bunny pancakes and eggs and ham. Then the kids stayed in their p.j.'s and dyed their eggs. "Yep, we really killed them," Jasper sighed as he dropped his eggs into the dye. Too funny. I had to explain.

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IMG 7267 copy edited-1

Tymen was nervous about splashing. Funny, since he has no qualms about making messes :) .

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Then later that morning, we got the kids back into their Easter duds and we met our friends at the park for some more fun and games.


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IMG 7396 copy edited-1

Theo was crying because he spotted candy he couldn't have.

IMG 7421 cop1y

The Easter bunny daddies took off over the hill to hide some goodies.

IMG 7438 copy edited-111

First they were attacked by eight rambunctious egg hunters.


IMG 7446 copy edited-1

Denise set up Whack-A-Peep and the kids were more than happy to smack those things with a bat. Malakai also smashed his into the bark with his foot, then popped it into his mouth. Ah, Malakai.

IMG 7479 copy edited-1

One peep ate his peep on his dad's shoulders and then mashed a little in his hair for good measure.


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IMG 7549 copy1


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It was a good and happy weekend, celebrating the life we have been given. Now if I can just avoid that big bowl of chocolate eggs on the island :) .