I am a bit swamped today with leftover lamb and ham, laundry, and Easter grass strewn all over the house. Add to that the fact that I am practically in a sugar coma from the dozens of chocolate eggs I have consumed and it's not a pretty picture.

It was, however, a wonderful weekend. We went to Good Friday services and Easter services in our church which were beautiful and saturated my heart in gratefulness once again for the love and sacrifice of Jesus. I am reminded again that I am free, forgiven, redeemed and have hope because of Him.

We also had my family down for the weekend and it was messy, happy and fun.

Saturday morning we went to our local egg hunt in our neighbourhood. The sun was shining through all the cherry blossoms on our walk to the park. The babies were strolled along into the crowds. The basket with the one yellow egg....that's Tymen's...apparently we need to work on grabbing for next year. Ruby did quite well, finding one of two shiny eggs and landing five smackaroos!

IMG 5693 copy

Then we went home and downed some doughnuts and coffee to get ready for egg decorating. Auntie Kelly kept laughing at Tymen who was "dancing" his eggs on the table and pretty much smashed them entirely.

IMG 5812 copy

Lunch. Naps. Booktime for Ruby. Then we all went to the park for some pictures, since we had glorious weather and were due for rain on Sunday.

IMG 5854 copy

Big dinner and talking and baths. Sunday morning church. Oh, how I love Easter Sunday. Then we came home, and the Easter bunny had been by. The kids were thrilled to hunt around some more indoors and to dig through their Easter baskets. They always get a new Bible every year and some other goodies.

IMG 6293 copy

Easter dinner.

IMG 6335 copy

One of the things Ben did recently is convert all our video to a menu on the T.V. which we have been watching over and over. The kids have been thrilled to see themselves so little and I have been stunned at how quickly the time is going. I want to build as much family time and memories and meaningful efforts into their lives as possible.

I am grateful...and might need to hunt down some of that leftover strawberry pie now.