Loads of laundry, close to nine or ten a week. Wiping under the kitchen table after three meals and a snack or two. Sorting toy sets. Cleaning dirty faces. Toweling up the bathroom floor after riotous waves created by two rollicking boys. Collecting glitter and bits of this and that from the Art Queen.

Before I had kids, I had my house "just so". Clean. Well thought out. While not exactly a dump, I certainly have learned to just let some things go.

And sometimes we create an environment where I know things will get messy and I am perfectly happy to let them get that way. Especially when my littles feel loved and content in the same rituals that I fondly remember as a child.

Today it was dying Easter eggs with Auntie Kelly. Ruby was sloshing cups of dye around. Tymen and Jasper were enthusiastically banging their hard boiled eggs together in little boy delight. The mess of the gloppy, painted cracked eggs will not win any awards at any craft fair.

But we had fun. We laughed and talked together. We admired each other's designs. It was satisfying. And it reminds me of how much I love them and seeing them have such a good time.

IMG 0068 copywat

IMG 0075 copywat

Jasper counts with Auntie Kel until his eggs are green enough.

IMG 0083 copywat

Tymen fishes around before abandoning the spoon and grabs his egg with his hands.

IMG 0089 copywat

My jewel of a girl.

IMG 0079 copywat