The boys are so sad for all of you who didn't win this time....IMG 3585 copy

..they wailed and cried and gnashed their teeth....

IMG 3586 copy


but there is great rejoicing in the house for KERI WELCH!!!!! Yay! Keri! How I will love to take some portraits of your beautiful family! Call me, email me, or you can talk to me at the camping trip in a few's to hoping our boys can sleep in tents!

Many, many thanks for all of you who left comments and have sent encouraging emails. I have been so appreciative of all the warmth and support as I begin this venture.

A few answers to questions:

The music on the website is all Sara Groves, who I dearly love. The album that has most of the songs about kids is called "Station Wagon."

My lovely logo was created by my wonderful friend, Kristy, who is a graphic artist and I highly recommend her work to anyone who has any type of graphic design or photo editing need. She is creative, brilliant, and a wonderful person to boot. Email me for her contact information.

Just a couple of you have mentioned that the "splash page" (the page that first comes up) has been difficult to view. This is because some screen resolutions are set too low for the image quality that we have used in this website. So sorry for that.

All right. I am off to pack off for our church camping fun! Have a great day and thanks again for all the comments and encouragement!