Double the mess. Double the fun. Double the laundry. Double the laughs. Double the noise. Double the hugs. Twins Ellie and Sam, photographed HERE and HERE, are keeping their parents hopping. Nineteen months is a busy age and an easy one to get caught up in all the go-go-go and tasks of toddlerhood. I love that Ben and Jenny are not just keeping up with it all, but enjoying their littles immensely. They are kind and fun and engaging. They also know that to get the best shots of their littles, playing "as usual" was the way to do it.

We started out at the water, looking at the boats, throwing rocks. Jen had her coffee in hand as normal. (Double the caffeine...I think so!).

IMG 0752 copy edited-1


IMG 0754 copy edited-1


IMG 0764 copy edited-2

Love how her daddy has her hand.

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Then out came balloons and we promptly lost a few and watched red and purple sail away.

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Jen brought along some puppets and books, favorite animals and blankets. Perfect.

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We were all sweating a little by the time we got them to sit for a story at the same time.

IMG 1116 copy edited-1

What a face!

IMG 1155-1

This is pretty much their lives right now :) .

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IMG 1105 copy edited-3

For me the morning was double the crawling, double the chasing, double the talking. For sure it was double the perfect shoot. Can't wait to see you all again!