While we were camping this past weekend, I quickly noticed that the campers at the other sites seemed to be having a far more relaxing time than we were. They were playing cards, reading peacefully, puttering around making meals.

At our site we had six kids, ages:5, 5, 3, 2, 1, and four months and relaxing it was not. It sure was FUN though and we loved watching our little crazies have a happy time with flashlights and marshmallow roasting, as well as having time at night to talk with our friends while the little guys were tucked into sleeping bags.

Another thing it was not was clean or relatively clean, by any stretch of the imagination. My boys were rolling in the dirt and tree debris, crawling on all fours after our friends' patient dog, banging things in the ashes of the fire pit, and had food smeared all over them.

So these pictures are of my little dirty boys who truly proved to me that boys are indeed made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails or at least dirt and bugs and sticks!

IMG 9116 copy

I don't think there were actual stab wounds but I know Jasper got Tymen on the head with his sticks to get a reaction.

IMG 9115 copy

Jasper digging around while the bigger kids were off hunting down and scooping up slugs.

IMG 9134 copy

Partners in crime.

IMG 9140 copy

Always, always on the move.

IMG 9161 copy

I love this little dirty face!

IMG 9166 copy

Dirty little pickers that scooped up dirt and popped it into his mouth.

IMG 9187 copy

After an eventful Saturday night, when we had to bring our croupy Jasper to the local ER for a breathing treatment, we brought these dirty little puppies home for a bath.

IMG 9181 copy

After the bath, while I was unpacking, I turned around and found my little guy getting himself messy again.

IMG 9257 copy

I must say that that being a mum, is the busiest job I have ever, ever had, by far.

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