It might seem kind of strange but when I get to repeatedly photograph families, it feels like they become an extension of mine. I start to play the role of the far off auntie. Oh, and how much is he talking now? Is he taking any classes? What does he like to eat? What are your vacation plans? I was so looking forward to seeing this family again and getting the lowdown on little Ethan who is as lovely a fellow as he looks. I just love talking with Lauri and catching up. Perhaps we talked a little too much as at the end of our time together. I talked her into buying the 50 mm 1.8 portrait lens for her camera, which she sent me an excited email about just days afterward. Here Dennie though he was just paying for a mini session and it cost another lens too :) .

IMG 3665 copy edited-1

I don't know how on earth two brown eyed parents pulled off a little boy with blue eyes like Ethan has...

IMG 3667 copyw

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Sometimes it's fun to get in a little closer. Love the way he's leaning in on his mom.

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It's always a pleasure to see you! Give that sweet boy a hug for me!