I was looking forward to his senior session because 1. his mom is my friend and she has one of the warmest smiles and personalities I know 2.  I have always really liked David too.  Turns out David had us both laughing the whole night.  He’s super easygoing and instead of taking this senior photo shoot too seriously, he gyrated with some “awesome” dance moves, pulled some funny expressions, and kept it fun.  I haven’t included them all in the blog but have added the “outtakes” to his gallery…..except for that “model” walk he pulled down the bridge to the glass museum. David is a band member, a great student (he wasn’t bragging…his mom was…and that’s just fine by me!) and is looking forward to good days ahead.  I hope you enjoy every bit of your senior year, as much as I enjoyed my time with you!

01-DavidSenior-402-David Conlin Senior103-DavidSenior-604-David Conlin Senior205-DavidSenior-806-DavidSenior-907-DavidSenior-1208-DavidSenior-1609-David Conlin Senior310-DavidSenior-2111-DavidSenior-2212-2014.91313-DavidSenior-2314-David Conlin Senior415-DavidSenior-25

Here’s the model walk…..1-DavidSenior-30

He only managed about three steps before he started laughing.2-DavidSenior-3216-DavidSenior-4217-DavidSenior-4518-David Conlin Senior5

No, we didn’t graffiti this wall but we sure did use it, like every other photographer doing senior pictures in Tacoma, ha!19-DavidSenior-5020-David Conlin Senior621-DavidSenior-6622-David Conlin Senior7

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