Not quite sure why, but at least 8-10 times a day in the last couple weeks, Theo has said, “I’m your baby, Mama.  I’m your baby.” He’s my lover, my kisser and hugger and cuddler.  He’s my sidekick and buddy and I am enjoying him so much in this season of him being the only one home with me during.  He likes to think of jokes and is on top of the world when he cracks me up. He makes me a lot of art that involves the letters T,H, E, O and M, O, M with many hearts and smiley faces.

A couple days ago we had a date to the Children’s Museum.  We’ve been there when there’s been barely enough oxygen in the room from all the children sardined in.  However, on this weekday morning, there were probably less than 15 kids in the whole place so he had the run of it all! I had fun playing with light and angles and letting him just have a great time while I followed.

Then we ended up at Hello, Cupcake for a perfect end to a perfect time.