I have completed my last session of 2009 (except for newborns who just can't wait...and I will always squeeze in....because I really, really love them). Now I am ready to get down and really celebrate Christmas with my little family.

Today I wanted to share some of the images that I have taken of my own little crazies and show you what I do with all these pictures related to Christmas.

About a month ago, we popped over to a little cabin in a park in Federal Way to take some shots to use for Christmas cards. We plunked them on a little bench and Daddy did the crazy routine to get them to laugh and avoid the canned, cheesy grins and little boys trying to escape.

IMG 8386 copywat

Peeking inside. I always love to get some shots of siblings and their different sizes...because it changes so quickly.

IMG 8397 copywat

How I love these littles! Ruby and Jasper look so much the same but though Tymen has the same eyes (and toes) he is such a different looking guy.

IMG 8425 copysepwat

What I started last year, is to display some of the family pictures and a few individual ones from each year to make a Christmas gallery and I LOVE it. I just popped them in some old mats and tied ribbons around them. For some I just wrapped a piece of cardboard in wrapping paper and taped on the pictures. Easy! Voila!

IMG 2535 copy

It brings back some fun memories of the coat and hat my mum sewed Ruby when she was two, when I tied each baby up in lights and plugged them in (oh, the looks on those chubby faces!), and when we went out to get our tree in the cold with red noses.

IMG 2536 copy

Another thing I like to do is an idea from my friend, Jessica, that was featured here with her girls a few weeks ago. I have a photo album that is just for Christmases. I add in the "Hamilton Herald", our newsletter and pictures of just that Christmas. It is one that I keep out this time of year and it is so fun to look back at all our Christmases together.

IMG 2543 copy

The third thing I like to do with pictures each year is to put the kids' images in a frame ornament each year. My goal when I am an old lady is to have a whole tree of frames, of my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids year by year in frames on my tree. Here are the ones from the last few years, minus Tymen's whose I found later this afternoon.

IMG 2540 copy

So these are the individuals portraits that I took on Sunday to put in this years' frames....


IMG 2441 copywat

She has a warm, full heart and is such a cozy bug. She came bounding out of school today, hugged me and yelled, "Hot chocolate and popcorn!!!!!" How I love that she adores our Mummy 'n' Ruby time after school with snacks and reading aloud.

IMG 2437 copywat

Jasper,who at the end of a long and messy day last week, hugged my neck and said, "Mum, you're so fancy. I need you."

IMG 2392 copywat

IMG 2372 copywat

And my little Tymen.

IMG 2413 copywat

When I say, "Give me love", he lays his head on my shoulder, says "Awwww, I-You (I love you)".

IMG 2400 copywat

Here I am with my happy bugs, photo courtesy of Ben. I am so very thankful. Enjoy your celebrations!

IMG 2476 copywat