There is nothing like fleeting newborn days.  There’s the obvious sleeplessness and tons of extra laundry (how do little people create SO much laundry anyways?).  Most of all, there is the loving up of this little person who is so new and yet feels so familiar.  My approach with newborns is to get lots of sleepy close-ups of them all curled up and to photograph them being loved and cuddled  by their families, as that is what happens the most in those first weeks anyways.

Little Brody was actually quite a hefty boy with lovely rolls and chub, and I may have snuck in a tiny cuddle between shots too!  He was a content fellow, pretty happy to be kissed and hugged and held.  He looks just like his older sister and brother, another pea in the pod, and the shots we got of them together are evidence that this boy is in for a fun ride!