I few weeks ago, I had a little Whoo-Hooo-500-Facebook-Fans-Celebration giveaway. I had people comment with their favorite summer activities to be entered into a drawing for three headshots. Because two winners are more fun than two...I drew two names. One was my friend, Becca, who opted for headshots of her son, whose birthday was coming up. I talked with Becca and we decided to do a headshot of each child.

I love these kidlets. We are taking swimming lessons with them this summer (goggles and towels ready to start up next week again :) ). Every morning our vans pull up and our kids wave and hug like long lost friends. Riley shrieks, "My BABY!!" when she sees Theo. Then we attempt to herd them all in and sit them down on their benches where they wiggle and mess around until their names are called. It's fun to pal around.

Here is Lucas.

IMG 1005 copy1 edited-1

Addison (giggle, giggle).

IMG 1018 copy edited-1


IMG 1022 copy edited-1

Thanks for entering the contest, Becca, and for always being so encouraging and supportive. Hugs to you all!

My other headshot winner and I are meeting up tomorrow. Happy.

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