Usually when the weather gets dicey for family pictures (as it is apt to do this time of year) we just reschedule for the nearest looking good weather day that works for both of us. That is usually within a week.

However, things get a whole lot more complicated when you add in children and grandchildren, a husband who travels out of town, a son-in-law who coaches, kids' sports, family commitments and family that lives two hours away.

My dear friend and I had been chatting back and forth, trying to get something set up. We thought we would be in good shape for Labor Day weekend but we had torrential rain that weekend after a glorious August and followed by a near perfect September. Kathy regrouped and reorganized everyone for this past weekend as I would be in their neck of the woods.

The weather was crisp, sunny and beautiful...but then her sweet granddaughter picked up a yuchy bug and wasn't well at all.

So Ruby and I dropped by anyways to visit and enjoyed a great lunch. Afterwards, Ruby ran outside with the dog and the two grandsons who were also there and I laughed at the table with Kathy and her daughter, Chelsea, for a long time.

I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of the boys....and it just whet my appetite to get the whole gang together when the weather is a little more reliable.

This boy's hair is making his dad crazy and making every woman shriek with delight. MAN, is he cute???

IMG 7178 copywat

On the couch, playing with Grandma's fall pears.

IMG 7165 copywat

Can you tell the parents of these guys have their hands full?

IMG 7206 copywat

Anyone who has met Chelsea is not surprised by the overflowing personality of her son.

IMG 7201 copywat

LOVE the drool coming down his chin!

IMG 7222 copywat

IMG 7216 copywat

IMG 7227 copywat

Kathy, I am SURE the next time will be perfect. Thanks for a lovely visit!

IMG 7232 copywat