As I go along I am noticing something about the photographs that get the most response. It's not the images that are the most perfect with practiced smiles and every eye trained on the camera in harmonious symmetry. What seems to evoke the most reaction, are the emotional ones which can be far from "perfect" but show a connection, a moment, a glimpse into the heart of the person. I read a while back that there is beauty at every age in every person and I truly, truly believe that. Sometimes it takes being brave enough in front of the camera to relax and be.

I think this family did a beautiful job of just that. Connecting. Being. Enjoying. I love it.

Oh yeah, no lack of personality with these kiddos. Here's Joey.

IMG 0817 copywat

This is Alyssa who took maybe half a second to warm up to me and then she was shining out her fun little personality to the fullest.

IMG 0844 copywat

Here everyone found a different "house" and I love that happy little boy grin going on there.

IMG 0927 copywat

There's plenty of love going on here. I can tell these parents have so lavished their hearts on their littles too.

IMG 0976 copywat

Mom and Dad looking at each other in the middle of the craziness.

IMG 0963 copywat

Oh my, what a heart this boy has. He was so easy to engage and talk with and he made me laugh!

IMG 1017 copywat

These are Lorelei's brother's, part of their family, and they kindly let me take a few shots of them too. They are great guys.

IMG 0896 copywat

Jonathan "dancing' with his girl. It's obvious that they have done this before.

IMG 1032 copywat

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!!!

IMG 0987 copywat

What a couple of absolute hams.

IMG 1014 copywat

This one I adore. They were watching me photograph their little guys and I happened to turn around and catch "that look"...the connection. She is beautiful, this wife and mom.

IMG 1041 copywat

Lorelei and Jonathan, thank you for having me photograph your shiny family.