I think that people are the most beautiful when they are with the ones that they love. That's why I adore photographing families that have strong connections. That's why it was such a pleasure to be with this family. Following are many shiny pictures of each person in this family who knows that they fit together.

This one was mom's idea and I love it. Don't you know that the proportions of those little people are going to change pretty quickly.

IMG 9274 copy

I have to say, we could not have planned this one better. A little puppy came bounding up on the beach as I was photographing little Jacob...the perfect prop and he responded happily. Shannon and Jeff, maybe it's a sign that you need to get a dog.....

IMG 9376 copy

And Hannah...what a sweet spirit this child has...pretty obviously.

IMG 9321 copy

I love how moms and dads can get the BEST reactions out of kids.

IMG 9359 copy

Sweet, sweet smiles....

IMG 9419 copy

Love the looks on the kids' faces...

IMG 9410 copy

Don't you want to be let in on this joke? I think the best sound in the world is little babies and kids laughing.

IMG 9438 copy

Those eyes and that hair!

IMG 9460 copy1

I love how the posture in the way they are sitting is so that of little kids.

IMG 9470 copy

Did Dad really make that sound just to make the kids laugh?

IMG 9479 copy

IMG 9534 copy

IMG 9691 copy

Okay, I think I went a little overboard with your sneak peek. What a blessing it was to capture some moments with your family. Enjoy!