As if the chaos of LAST YEAR'S TRIP to the Christmas tree farm wasn't wild enough, this year both our family and our friends' family added babies to the mix, Leo and Theo. Four adults, a patient teenage cousin, and EIGHT kids six and under. Some protein for breakfast, warm clothes for the kids, and mandatory bathroom breaks before we left...and we were ready for some good times. IMG 7963 copy edited-1

Here we were. Denise took a great picture of our family as my kids tried to jump on the antique wagon which was bending and swaying beneath their feet.

IMG 8008 copy edited-1

My sweet bear was all warm and cozy and slept the whole time. Next year, he'll be toddling down the rows.

IMG 7984 copy edited-1

We hauled the crowd over to the train stop and compared notes with Eric and Denise on how much work it took to get everyone out the door. Eric said, and I quote, "This is the low point in our lives." His cup full wife laughed and disagreed.

IMG 8128 copy edited-1

So what did everyone need for a little energy for the task ahead? Deep fried sugary donuts which were fortunately available. Here Denise grabs the bags and runs and is chased down by the mob.

IMG 8047 copy edited-1

IMG 8073 copy edited-1

IMG 8077 copy edited-1

We missed getting the caboose, much to the girls' disappointment, but managed to get our own cabooses wet on our seats.

IMG 8124 copy edited-1

IMG 8147 copy edited-1

We enjoyed our trip around the farm.

IMG 8157 copy edited-1

Somehow we forgot to get off so we went all the way around and had to walk back to the trees.

IMG 8167 copy edited-1

Loved the way that Jasper casually crossed his legs as he went with Daddy.

IMG 8186 copy edited-1

Ruby voted for the Charlie Brown special but was outvoted. Both families got the right vibe from two tall trees standing side by side and the dads dropped to the ground  to begin sawing. With nary a "Timberrrrrrrr" Eric's tree fell first and four kids narrowly escaped being crunched. All's well that ends well, right?

IMG 8190 copy edited-1

Ben once again cut the tree trunk that goes on our table with a tealight. How he loves cutting this for his wife each year.

IMG 8200 copy edited-1

Then kids got cold feet, little boys fussed, and the baby woke and was hungry. Time to haul the trees in and head off for some hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Thanks for the happy time, friends! Next year can only be more fun, right? Leo and Theo will be mobile.

IMG 8217 copy edited-1