I absolutely love when I get to document families as their children grow. This is the seventh time I've been with James and Ashley and Elijah since he was bun in the oven. I love the way they are together. Ashley is always thoughtful about putting together the sessions. Last year when Elijah turned one she had them come in traditional Korean outfits. This year we decided to have a bit of a train feel to the shoot since he's a big choo choo guy. I have to say that when they arrive they are always so flexible, willing to try anything and they laugh...a lot. It always makes it a pure joy for me to photograph them enjoying each other.

For Elijah's two year old pictures, we did get several shots of him alone but I love incorporating the whole family into birthday sessions too. After all these are busy days of loving, chasing, bathing, playing, hugging, and changing and so documenting the love parents have for their little one, feels entirely appropriate.

We met up at some old abandoned tracks that I've had in the back of my mind for a few years. Ashley was wondering how on earth I have found that place but often I have places tucked in my mind and then am thrilled to try them out when it the opportunity arrives. The light was gorgeous, Elijah was a great little sport and we had a lot of fun.

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36-elijah shin1


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Love this response to his mama's kiss.

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James and Ashley let me do a couple headshots of them. I have a headshot promotion going on this spring. More info. HERE

35-elijah shin

Had to put in this little outtake of the nervous mom with the wiggly boy.

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30-IMG 6501 copy

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Happy birthday, little man.