My friend Susan brought her cute boys over so we could visit, have a little brunch and get the bare bottom pictures that I forgot to take when I took Kole's newborn pictures a couple of months ago. Ooooh, that little bottom was so cute and I was happy to try out this new idea. Kole wasn't too thrilled about laying on some cool books but we worked quickly.

IMG 3664 copywat

Then I couldn't help myself...I talked Susan into letting me take a few Santa pictures too. After all, I have taken the month officially off and needed to play around a little.

Okay, so look at the gravity on sweet Kole's chubby cheeks while he was sitting upright.

IMG 3600 copywatjpg

Then these are his cheeks when he is lying down. They are huge! I think his mom is feeding him cream.

IMG 3609 copywat

Cute boy!

IMG 3605 copywat

Kole has a big brother, Kameron, who is one busy boy. I managed to get one usable shot. Then sadly, I wasn't exciting enough to compete with the Thomas train set or with the other five kids roaming around my house, so off he went.

IMG 3588 copywat

Good thing the baby wasn't big enough to run.

IMG 3628 copywat

This little fella is such a sweet bug, so very happy and content.

IMG 3631 copywat

A couple more...there can never be too many baby bum pictures, right?

IMG 3648 copywat

IMG 3654 copywat

Thanks for the visit, Susan!