There's really no change in a human life like the first year. The development that happens those first twelve months is rather stunning. From laying around sleeping like a wee lump in the first few days to being little ones that move and laugh and's pretty amazing. I am always delighted when families choose to document this time with the Baby's First Year Package. There's being a part of maternity shots and talking about the excitement of the little person on the way, to getting to meet those little newbies, to seeing them mid-year when they are  happy and learning, to the first year point. It's all a pleasure and a blessing to be a part of. I have to admit, I so look forward to seeing "my" babies at these milestones.

When I look back at pictures of my kids from their first year, the ones I love the very best are the ones that show us in our every day lives and that's what I strive to capture for my families. The cuddling, playing, book reading, kissing, and comforting are all such a part of this year.

I couldn't wait to see Teis again (and his mum and dad, of course :) ) Here he is at seven months. He is one happy and sweet boy. He's put on some nice rolls and those big brown eyes of his can melt just about anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how much pleasure his parents take in him. They know what he loves: the stories, the songs, the toys. They are so affectionate with him and each other. I have to say, Cathie ranks right up there with animated mommies. She is so fun to watch as she gets fun expressions from her boy.

We started out in their gorgeous home which is a true photographer's dream as three walls are glass and let in the most gorgeous light from all around. We had Teis just do his thing with the toys he loves and then I got to just hang around with them as they played with their little man.

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Cathie, you make a pretty awesome piggy, sheep and duck  sounds :) .


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It's fun incorporating some of the elements in their home that we've used in his other sessions like this painting and the mirror further down.

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IMG 4491 copy edited-1

Love, love his happy face as his mummy was swinging him and singing a rhyme.

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IMG 4590 copy11


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We took a little walk outside at the end. They live in a fantastic neighbourhood that they walk all the time. Their stroller has clocked many a mile. On this day Daddy just carried him along.

IMG 4626 copy edited-1

He's pretty keen on birds flying by.

IMG 4661 copy edited-1


IMG 4671 copy edited-1


IMG 4690 copy edited-1

Um, yes, there are some similarities there.

IMG 4741 copy edited-1


IMG 4720 copy edited-1

Cathie and Timon, what incredible parents you are to your wonderful boy. See you in a few months when he turns one!

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