Nothing brings about as much change as a baby’s first year of life. From tiny little sleeping lump to little personality laughing, playing,interacting. What a joy it is to document that growth! Though the love families have for their tiny wee ones is immediate, the interactions and responsiveness has grown so much by the year marker as babies have become such characters! After doing four sessions for Ellie’s first year, I was thrilled to do another four for Charlie’s.  As always, my favorites are of families being together and loving each other.  The reason for this session was Charlie’s first birthday and though he was highlighted, I try to hit all the different angles of relationship and love that he is surrounded by.  I shoot what I love and my favorites of my own family are always the individual portraits that show personality and then all the connections and love.

We met up on a w.i.n.d.y. day down at the beach but we were happy to have the sunshine.  Ellie bounced in with her cool shades, the awesome big sister with a fun laugh.  Charlie was messing with me, blowing raspberries back when I tried them out to get his attention.  He was keen on his goldfish crackers, being cuddled and looking around happily at the park.  I always enjoy the warmth and the pleasure this family has in being together.