Whew! It's been a day. I tipped my camera bag over and broke my favorite lens. My boys have runny noses and grumpy attitudes and were yelling, "Mine! Mine!" and batting at each other over toys. (So funny to watch them do the obligatory make up hug. "I'm sawwy, Tymen." "Ya-ya. Awwww." Tymen says as he lays his head on Jasper's shoulder.) Then an accident on the floor. Dirty dishes hauled out of the dishwasher as I cleaned up the accident.

BUT there was a balm in Gilead. The boys were down for naps and Ruby was at school and I was on my way to the camera repair shop in North Seattle. I gasped as I remembered my Starbucks gift card (thanks, Becca!!!!!) and got myself quite a caffeinated treat. Also, I picked up my girl from kindergarten and ate honey toast with her while we read from "Little House in the Big Woods". AND I have a great husband who totally sympathized and was the one who got on the phone and found a place that can do repair turn arounds in about a week....yay, Ben! Even when not-so-fun stuff happens I am still so very blessed.

Okay, down to business. I am officially booked up for 2009....except for newborns...I will always squeeze them in. Yes. I am going to do sessions through November and then take December off to spend with my little family....like this little Christmas elf...wow, has he ever changed in a year! Blog readers: beware of many posts of my little clan in December.

IMG 8251 copy

I have felt so very blessed to have had so many opportunities to photograph so many people since June, when I first hung up my shingle (put up my website). Originally, I was just thinking that doing about a session a week would be perfect for me. It has ended up being more than that and I have been realizing just how much I have needed this creative outlet. Also, I have LOVED getting to spend time with such truly wonderful people. I feel like I have learned and grown and am incredibly grateful.

Which brings me to the big change I alluded to in my title (I know you've been holding your breath). I am going to be increasing my prices for 2010. Originally, I kept my rates very low so that it would benefit both of us....my clients and me. That way I could give them a good deal and I could also take care of covering my needs and equipment (yikes, like broken lenses) while I learned and got established. However, I am realizing with the amount of time it takes for travel, the actual session, and all the editing, that I am spending quite a bit of time on it. I will be posting my new session rates for 2010 under "rates" under "info" on the website. Of course, sessions for 2009 will remain the same.

THE BIG OPPORTUNITY....here it is....drumroll please....

If you would like to purchase a Christmas gift certificate for a 2010 session for family, a friend or yourself you can do so at the current rate of $130 for a limited time. Here's how it works:

1. You will need to email me or send a message through the contact session of the website, that you would like a certificate and who it will be for BY WEDNESDAY MORNING , OCTOBER 28th AT 9 A.M.

2. Then to confirm the special price, I will need your payment by the following Wednesday, Nov. 4th. After I receive your payment, I will print up a gift certificate and mail it to you so you can surprise someone with a session they can redeem at any point of 2010.

Thanks again for all your warmth, kind comments and support. I am thrilled to be doing what I do.