We have several friends that are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, just like us. We had anniversary pictures taken which I was so pleased with and I was delighted to get a note from my friend, Chandra, asking about doing the same. They were planning on staying downtown with cool Auntie Jenn holding down the fort with their two kiddos at home (yay for awesome aunties!!). I've been itching to do a whole session down at Pike Street Market, since I often am down there with my family. It's such a fantastic location with so many nooks and crannies, amazing food, textures, crowds, signage. It was really a lot of fun to shoot there. If you do choose a neat location like this you'll probably end up with a nice big gallery at the end as it's fun for me to shoot some of the details and "action shots" as well as get some portraits in the middle of it all. 02-IMG 5518 copy

The Pike Street Pigs were decked out as reindeer. Clever :).

01-IMG 5480 copy

David and Chandra are a good fit. David has a good sense of humor (definitely a bit sarcastic at times) and an interesting perspective on a lot of stuff going on (he's a thinker). He's been taking some extra classes and I was laughing a while back when he was making molecular structures out of playdough with their kids to keep them busy and to keep on track for his studies. Chandra is such a warm person, with a kind word and encouragement for those around here. I so appreciate her beautiful smile and generosity. She's also got a great laugh.

03-IMG 5049 copy


04-IMG 5053 copy


05-IMG 5058 copy


06-IMG 5068 copy


07-IMG 5080 copy


08-IMG 5091 copy


09-IMG 5097 copy

I love the Christmas feel around the market. I made them kiss now and again ;).

10-IMG 5108 copy


11-IMG 5125 copy


12-IMG 5117 copy

3-lovejoy gallery8



13-lovejoy gallery

This is my favorite place for coffee and a treat at the market and they had also breakfasted on pastry there that morning.

16-lovejoy gallery3

14-lovejoy gallery1


19-IMG 5180 copy

15-lovejoy gallery2

20-IMG 5444 copy

1-lovejoy gallery6

17-lovejoy gallery4

The food is gorgeous and the usual hustle of the market always makes it a fun place to be.

22-IMG 5190 copy

18-lovejoy gallery5

The original Starbucks where they had their morning coffee.

2-lovejoy gallery7


23-IMG 5210 copy

24-IMG 5217 copy

26-IMG 5236 copy

25-IMG 5231 copy

Then we took the elevator down to the street level below and took some more portraits on the pier where there was more space.

27-IMG 5249 copy

28-IMG 5254 copy

29-IMG 5262 copy

31-IMG 5273 copy

32-IMG 5280 copy

30-IMG 5263 copy

33-IMG 5296 copy

Messing around. Chandra just laughs.

34-IMG 5299 copy

35-IMG 5301 copy

Chandra said that the girl who had served them coffee that morning asked them for some advice on making it ten years. "Hang in there," she said. Not very earth shattering advice. However, we talked about how when the business of kids and life and school and work mounts, added to the pressure of other events, that to keep walking things out together is the best way to go. A happy marriage is worth the effort.

4-lovejoy gallery9

37-IMG 5337 copy

39-IMG 5399 copy

38-IMG 5354 copy

Thank you, friends, for sharing a tiny bit of your special weekend with me. Chandra said that she'd had a couple come into their medical clinic who had been married 70 years. 70 years! That seems like a great goal to me :) .

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