It was such a pleasure to meet up with Sharleen and Moni who are eagerly anticipating their sweet baby girl, who will be here in just a few weeks. They were warm and kind and just the type of people who were made to be parents. I love that.

I so remember preparing for our first baby too and wondering and planning, and then being stunned at how amazing it was to have we had always loved her and then here she was.

So here are so of my favorites of the beautiful mommy.

Here is one with a sunflower I picked up at the Farmer's Market. God bless all those sweet pregnant women who have made it through some hot, hot days this summer!

IMG 0182 copy

Like I said before, she is expecting a girl.

IMG 0177 copy

Sharleen and Moni brought along a few goodies, including these tiny shoes. So fun to think of the little toes that will be in there....

IMG 0199 copy

I so love this next one. It reminds me of just how much baby fills up a sleeping on your stomach at this stage!

IMG 0209 copy

I have to give a shout out to Sharleen's husband Moni who just expected to come along and just be in a picture or two. However, I had him join her in a lot, and he kindly did what I asked. I am so glad. I love how loved she looks here.

IMG 0210 copy

IMG 0227 copybw

I know they can't wait to get their hands on their sweet girl.

IMG 0237 copy-1

And I love this one...the red brick...her mommy profile. Now you would probably think that she is thinking warm, fuzzy, maternal thoughts by the beautiful look on her face. BUT...that wall that the crazy photographer liked was on the men's bathrooms and I quickly realized that it might not have been the best place to ask her to stop. She was too nice to protest.

IMG 0265 copy

I think pregnant girls are so beautiful and a baby growing in there is so worth celebrating. Thank you for the opportunity, Sharleen and Moni, and I so look forward to meeting your precious one!