I have completed three Parent Photography Workshops with some awesome parents, including a dad who's intent on getting images of his kids and a wonderful grandma who is posting gorgeous shots of her grandkids. It's been such a great time for me to share some basics of composition, lighting, tricks of working with kids. Then we pull out our d-slr's and tackle those settings that can be a bit intimidating. (It's been so fun for me to see the lights go on as the moms/dad understand how to get that look they've been wanting!). Then we practice shooting together. The time has flown by and I love combining my passions of teaching and photography and family.

Thank you to ALL who have come...I know I talked a mile a minute and you were great to fly along with me! Your donations for these workshops have raised over $1000 towards the adoption fund to bring Little One home from China! Yahooo!

Good news for California moms and dads....I'll be in Santa Cruz and doing a Parent Photography Workshop on Saturday, August 4. Two wonderful friends are helping me organize it. Let me know if you want a space :) .

At our last workshop, I had Tanya (who was coming) let us shoot her little guy, Cayden. The last time she came by with her mom (our great neighbour) I totally grabbed him out of Grandma's arms and squeezed him. I couldn't help myself, though I usually try not to be the overwhelming-crazy-baby-snatching-lady :). He was such a champ and the other moms in the crowd were laughing and cooing at him as we tried him in different lights and locations. What a honey of a boy!

So these images are a gift to his parents as a thank you for letting us photograph such a great subject!

IMG 6856 copy edited-1


IMG 6863 copy edited-1


IMG 6866 copy edited-1


IMG 6867 copy edited-1


IMG 6891 copywe

IMG 6896 copyw

What baby doesn't love flying through the air?

IMG 6894 copyw

IMG 6895 copy edited-1

Thanks again for the great response to these classes!

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